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As a resident or future resident of one our properties, it is important for you to understand every step of the process. Our aim is to provide you with an easy and enjoyable tenancy. As experienced residents ourselves, not only do we understand your needs, but we also believe in complete transparency. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of important terms and steps, covering the fundamentals of renting.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to talk you through the guide.
View all of the essential information you need to know below.

The rental bond is paid at the start of your tenancy and is lodged in trust with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority as security against the property for any property damage, inappropriate wear and tear or breaches of the rental agreement that cause the landlord to suffer a financial loss. The bond will be refunded promptly after you vacate, as long as the property is returned in its original condition (allowing for fair wear and tear) and there are no other monies owing.

To ensure your experience is seamless, rent can automatically be deducted from your bank account each month. Your rent is due calendar monthly in advance and must reach us on or before the due date.  If at any time you are unable to make a rental payment, we ask you notify us promptly.

When you commence your tenancy, you will be given an ingoing condition report to fill out. This is a very important document and must be carefully completed if you want to secure your bond refund when the time comes to vacate the premises. Use as much detail as you can and return to us within 3 business days of moving in. This will help us to ensure that end of your tenancy will be managed effectively.

An outgoing inspection is then conducted at the end of your tenancy so that your bond can be refunded as soon as possible (if the property is in the correct condition).

During your tenancy, the premises will be inspected periodically by Home Run Realty. Adequate notice will be given to you. These inspections are to check on how well you are maintaining the property and to identify any repairs or maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

We regret that it is not possible to re-arrange an inspection date or time as our inspections are demographically mapped out. Furthermore, routine inspections are carried out on weekdays between 9.30am and 2.00pm.

A duplicate key for most of our properties is retained by Home Run Realty for emergency access. Under special circumstances, and on producing identification, the keys can be borrowed during office hours (if available) but must be returned before close of business the same day.

Should you inadvertently lock yourself out, you will need to engage a locksmith at your own expense. Locks may only be changed after first obtaining permission from Home Run Realty, and then on the strict understanding that you supply us with 2 x spare set of keys within 24 hours. Remember, it is in your best interests to ensure that we have a new full set of keys to the property.

We strongly urge you to insure your personal possessions against any loss, damage or theft. It is the landlord’s responsibility to have the property insured however this does not cover your belongings.

It is the resident’s responsibility to have the appropriate account (gas, electricity, telephone, internet, pay TV etc) connected in their name(s) and arrange to have a meter reading prior to moving in and vacating the premises.

If your contact details change at any time during the tenancy – this includes phone numbers, email addresses and employment details, please notify us immediately.

All requests for repairs are to be communicated to us in writing. Once the maintenance has been approved, the relevant tradesperson will contact you directly to organise a time to carry out the maintenance.

Only emergency repairs will be accepted by telephone during office hours.  All repairs are attended to as promptly as possible, however, it is often necessary to obtain the Landlord’s approval and/or quotes before any work can commence, so, unfortunately, a delay is sometimes unavoidable.

If any firm arrangements that we have made regarding access for any tradespeople are not kept by you, the service charge for calling the tradesperson will be automatically passed on to you for payment.

Emergency Repairs are classified as:

  • A burst water service
  • A blocked or broken toilet system
  • A serious roof leak
  • A gas leak
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • Flooding or serious flood damage
  • Serious storm, fire damage
  • A failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance provided by the landlord for hot water, cooking, heating, or laundering
  • Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
  • Any fault or damage in the premises that makes the premises unsafe or unsecure
  • An appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working properly and causes a substantial amount of water to be wasted
  • A serious fault in a lift or staircase

Please click here to see our list of emergency tradespeople

It is the Landlord’s responsibility for supplying and installing the smoke alarm(s). The residents are responsible for cleaning, testing and purchasing replacement batteries in battery powered smoke alarms. At no time should the resident deactivate a smoke alarm or interfere with its operation in any way.

If another person (other than a approved resident(s) wishes to reside at the property, you are required to seek permission from Home Run Realty.

The ingoing resident is required to submit an application form. It will be processed and submitted for the Landlord’s approval. Upon approval, the ingoing resident will be your responsibility and must abide by the rental agreement.

Your Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legal and binding contract, providing protection for both you and the landlord. The Residential Tenancy Agreement can be terminated by you in the following ways:

  • Twenty-Eight (28) days written notice is to be given to Home Run Realty should you wish to vacate the premises on the day your fixed term lease ends.
  • Once the fixed term agreement has expired, you may continue living at the property. Twenty-Eight (28) days written notice must be given to Home Run Realty prior to vacating.

When an unforeseen circumstance causes you to terminate the lease agreement prematurely, it is classified as a ‘break lease” situation. Please contact us immediately and we will endeavour to secure a new resident as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, you are still responsible for the rent up until the new resident moves in or the expiry of the lease agreement whichever is sooner.

If you want to erect a pool/spa at the premises, you are required to submit as written request to us, as there are legal requirements that must be met. If there is a pool/spa at the property, you must not leave the fence open, nor store or leave objects around the pool/spa or against the fence which could be climbed upon.  For more information, please contact us.

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